Why Inteyoga

Daily Hatha Yoga Sessions by World Champion Kadambari

Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Hatha Yoga by Dr. K. Ashutosh.

Special Internal Yoga sessions of Yoga-Nidra, Ajapa-Japa, Antar-Mauna.

Special Lectures on Fundamentals of Ayurveda.

Sessions on Bhakti Yoga, Karma & Mantra Yoga.

Lectures on Therapeutic Yoga & Bhakti Yoga

Free Online Foundation Course for beginners & intermediate students.

Challenging Code Of Conduct.

10 Acres of Pollution free, Serene & Safe surroundings.

In-house availability of Medical Facilities 24*30.

Vegetarian , No-milk diet and herbal tea with fruits

Amiable Teachers.

INR 25,500 for 30 Days and 29 Nights

Global Accreditations

Member School : IAYT

About The Course

It is a scientific Integration of the various styles of Hatha Yoga techniques unique to the most authentic Yoga schools in India. The Inteyoga module incorporates the practice of Raja yoga, Jnana yoga, Karma yoga, Mantra yoga, Kriya yoga & Bhakti yoga also. The aim of this module is to restore the physical , mental and spiritual health of the practitioner.

It has been developed after in-depth study of the yogic texts , anointed with experiential knowledge and expertise .

During TTC, the students get ample opportunity to practise , experience and imbibe the important techniques of Bahiranga (external) yoga and Antaranga (internal) yoga. The experiential knowledge, imparted to the students, is a result of the symbiotic efforts of Yogacharya Dr K Ashutosh (a Yogi Medical Doctor) and Yogacharya Ms. Kadambari CP (World Champion).

The ancient yogic techniques are judiciously incorporated in the module of TTC so as to work with utmost precision upon four of the Five sheaths (Pancakosha – annamaya Kosha, pranamaya Kosha, manomaya Kosha, vigyanamaya Kosha, anandamaya Kosha) and the three bodies viz. Sthoola sarira (gross body) , Sukshma sarira (subtle body) and Karana sarira (causal body).

The TTC module also introduces the students to the Fundamentals of Ayurveda :

  1. Principle of Tridosha
  2. Concept of Prakriti
  3. Basic cause of Lifestyle disorders
  4. Traya upastambha (three pillars of health)
  5. Ahaar vidhi (dietetics)

The holistic programme is optimally spread over the necessary time span so that it’s intense and deep content is gentle enough to be easily comprehended by the beginners also.

During the 30 days stay , the students are motivated to practise diligently the Yama , Niyama , Shatkarma , Asana , Pranayama , Pratyahara and Dharana .
The students maintain an activity logbook and write about the effects of Eight limbs of Raja Yoga on their Health daily.This ensures the students to appreciate and inculcate the yogic tenets including dietetics into their lifestyle.

The participants are expected to stay in the Ashram during the entire duration of the course , observing and adhering to the code of conduct as specified , so as to benefit the maximum from this course .

In addition to the restoration of the physical, mental & spiritual health of the practitioner, the module plays a profound role in prevention of lifestyle diseases and promotion of positive health .

One of the main objectives of TTC is to propagate the ‘Divine Art and Knowledge of Self Healing’ , inspiring participants to learn the esoteric techniques of Yoga (substantiated with scientific explanation and corroboration by Medical doctor during Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Hatha yoga lectures) , so as to understand , harmonise and crystallise the energies within ; improve Interpersonal relationships; add to the happiness quotient ; effectively Restore health in totality ; experience life in abundance and live in harmony with existence.

The method of assessment is not only practical and theory exam at the end of the course but also continual screening of the students during the entire four week stay in the Ashram.

Successful students not only earn the certificate in TTC Integrated Restorative Yoga which enables them to apply for Internationally acknowledged RYT 300 membership but also become entitled to our support through continuing yoga education in the future.

Remember, this course is a determined effort towards self-discovery. The more you challenge your limits, the more you discover your Self.

“Be the candle of Wisdom & Generosity, Remove the Darkness of Ignorance & Sorrow,  Love, Serve, Devote and Heal,
Yoga is the science of inner self, it is pure discipline, it is neither a religion, nor philosophy, it is direct perception of what is, it is a journey into the unknown, no belief is needed to enter it,  just courage to face the truth, to enter yoga, one has to drop the mind,  unconditionally, absolutely, because mind is past or past projected into the future, and yoga is living in the present, moment to moment, with complete awareness. Each one of us has to start somewhere, the earlier we start, the more we discover, and we cannot discover until we challenge our self, start from where you are and get transported beyond the known and the knowable,into the unknown. Yoga is a journey,
few steps taken and many yet to be traced”!!