“In general, I loved it. You are awesome. Thank you for your love, care and share. You are a family.”
Vanessa Schor
“Dear Sir Everything is superb, excellent, very good. Please increase the course fee. Be more strict please. Thank you so much for everything.”
“TTC 500 hrs course was very well .Everything was perfect. I learnt so many things. Like… how to take classes. I have no suggestions.”
“The way how you teach is really good, in each subject you take the time to explain with easy examples and in the practice classes are perfects, dynamics and differents.”
Ferrreyra Elisabeth Fernanda
“Thank you for everything Sir. There is so much to learn from here and everytime I go back more confident. I will keep on coming back.”
Tshering Cheki Bhutia
“Blessed Blessed Blessed ! Surrender…. Be Here….Awakeness…. Thank you Master. The Divine and everyone that made this course possible. Namah Shivaye ! Hari Om !”
Chele M Mercedes Tedesco
“SUPERB! Always a pleasure to attend to a Krishnananda yoga course. Eternal gratitudes to Dr Ashutosh. His knowledge and simplicity reflects not only in their classes but in the daily life style as well. A whole example of what yoga stands for…..thank you very much!!”
Alejandro Newkirk
“This is the 2nd course I did here and as the first one, it has been amazing. Here I found the chance to know what yoga is and go deep into it. I give thanks to the universe that guided my steps to this place and all my gratitude and surrender to the team of Shala. Everything perfect the way it is. You are too good by far to find any suggestion.”
Enrique Gabas
“For me the teaching was great! I really understood what Dr. Ashutosh was teaching. He had very clear and logical structure and only want on in the topic when we understood. I hope other also get the chance to have him as teacher. I think we all progressed a lot! Thanks for having him a teacher!”
Roll No-26 TTC Sivananda, Uttarkashi
“Wonderful class. Good knowledge. Good content. Very engaged when teaching. Sometimes a little hard to understand, can talk a little slower at times would be helpful. I would most definitely take another class if given the chance. ”
Jill Apolzer
“Dear Ashutosh, Thank you very much for interesting classes. The demonstrating material was very effective. You gave us interesting and clear information. I think as a yoga teacher, we need a little bit more hours of anatomy.”
“Anatomy – physiology teaching was really good from yoga specially Hatha Yoga point of view and pranayama also. Suggestion: - we would have been liked to know that how some main asanas are helpful anatomically and physiologically.”
Dr. Trupti
“I really liked the classes and the energy you spend. It sure to present knowledge with jokes and inspiration. Suggestion: - Be aware of the difficulty of the vocabulary. Write more on the black/white board. The sketch of the heart could be a bit more natural. Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed the classes, learned a lot and I am more curious than before! ”
“Overall course rating – 10/10 Highlights : Excellent presentation style, energy and content. Ashutosh covered a lot of ground and did all professionally and completely. He did a great job of staying on point, feeling out the group, answered questions effectively etc. Well done. Would I like to attend future training by Ashutosh? Yes, absolutely.”
“Experience of living in shala and practicing under your guidance was really good. Learned lot of things about yog and life also. Now, more motivated to move on my path for which I came there. I will be very happy, if again get opportunity and able to live and learn under your guidance. Once again thankyou so much for taking care of all of us and giving direction to move forward in life. ”
Amit Bharti
”I am happy that I have met Dr. Ashutosh about anatomy course for the best teaching/ knowledgeable class I have ever attended.”
Nikoletta Kosasvari
“Excellent open minded classes, very knowledgeable teachers, cover extensive knowledge in a compassionate, flexible, enthusiastic way - I loved everything! Real yoga spirit.”
Cornelia Studtrucker
“Real deep experience, felt lots of dedication and deep love in your teachings, sharing and being. A real place with real awarded humans. Thank you so much and see you again. Share is life. Happy to be here.”
Maria Mercedes Tedesco Perez
”Really good teachers, very different from the common yoga institutes, here giving the knowledge is important, it was truly superb. Thank You.”
Sandor Cseppento
“I've been into yoga for more than ten years. Visited many schools and shalas but nowhere I found the love to yoga I experienced here. The real understanding of what yoga is. Keep it the way it is.”
Enrique Gabas Pere
“The training was very good and complete. Just a little control required on rate of speech. If given a chance I would like to attend more classes.”
Manoj Rawat
”The delivery of the lessons was perfect with practical information and side notes clearly separated. I could understand mostly everything and what wasn’t clear was answered. I really liked direct quotations from vedic scriptures and their translation to English. Also the use of computer based body atlas was great idea. I really enjoyed my participation at your sessions and I only wish there is more time to learn from you Ashutosh. Take care and best of luck in all”
“I am very grateful for having Ashutoshji as our anatomy teacher. The content was interesting and perfectly adapted to a yoga teacher’s need. His explanations were very clear and given in a logical, constructed way. He enabled me to learn and understand many things about the human body and the yogic way of life. He is very gentle teacher who cares a lot about his students, always checking we are following and always ready to answer our (many) questions. He is a real inspiration to me as a yogi and as a teacher. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be his students.
Student TTC, Sivananda, Uttarkashi
“In my opinion what I more like of the classes is the faith and devotion you put while teaching. It’s inspiring to see so much care you take for the students learning. Also I have to add that the huge knowledge you show on the subjects of study encourage students to my more attention on the class and ask more questions. What I less like of the class is so often you change between English and Sanskrit, it is not easy to follow the lecture for non – English native spoken students.”
Miguel Angel
”Very good presence in class room. (I think you would be an excellent yoga teacher). Nice that you move through class freely. Chanting at beginning and end sets a very nice framework. Flow in contents good, good speed, good visuals, good and clear connections to asanas. I liked the very practical and immediate visualizing approach to body organs and their functions. I liked the fact that we did not need to take notes and fully concentrate on contents. It gives space for visualization in your own body and mind. All in all : Very good and enriching. I would definitely take more classes if I could.”
Nadia Van Moose
“The course was delivered in an interactive way focussing on experiential learning. Dr Agarwal's command of yoga literature and a range of techniques brought together from different school's of yoga was a highlight of the course. I particularly benefitted with asana training, hip opening, back bending and shoulder stretching and valuable tips gained from Dr Agarwal's . I loved the afternoons when Dr Agarwal took us through the pranayama, pratyahara, dharana and dhayana using special techniques such as chakra sadhana and yoga nidra.The close camaraderie of fellow students in a nurturing, loving and giving gurukul environment has left me with fond memories. All and all the course was a super-hit for me.“
Sabina Hussain
“My experience of TTC at Swami krishnananda hatha Yoga Shala was catalytic in making me more inward to start with. The sequences is well designed and is suitable for all. Your dedication, care and discipline were perfectly balanced in challenges us yet allowing us to introspect within. The suggestions I want to make is to please keep updating the website. People who are looking for TTC courses will make the first impression from the website. You can also add the column, "Find Krishanananda hatha yoga teacher world wide section", where the names and email id of the former students are given. Recently a lady from Canada got in touch with me after reading my blog on the TTC at yr institite and want to know more abt the experience. That's the only suggestion cos rest was perfect for me. Love and regards. OM”
”Om Namah Shivaye sir, many things i have to say for TTC &ATTC. But really and frankly words are not enough to describe such a life time Memorable, unforgettable days. Simply 60 days changed my entire life, just I was in different plain before attending course here. Now I took U-Turn to go in correct direction and exact path. The way you taken care of all students is amazing, simply I read about gurukula system in books and heard from elders but seriously I felt that we are under Gurukulam. The way of teaching by sir is amazing and well planned. The people from all over world can feel that they can get exactly what they need after coming here, frankly to say they can reach there exceptions and above also. Manly we are staying along with guru in same place is a exact way to change ourselves into right way because any one can teach asana and theory but guru like you can only do and teach what you people are following in daily life style. Not to mention lifestyle its you people really into yoga 24x7x365 days its is also not enough life time is correct word. Sir I met many people in my life but for the first am seeing who can give himself 200 percent knowledge with out hiding anything only you. I want to hug you at this moment because it can say my correct feeling sir with heart full hug. I want to touch your feet because your blessing can make me more powerful. Last I can't say in words what I got from this course under your guidance I will show in actions.
Before coming here am small candle after staying with guru and father and more like you I became 1000 watts light now and I want change like a power station with your blessing and way you have shown to me. Om Namah shivaye”
Rajesh / raju (little Govinda)
“First and foremost would love to say thank you to Sir Ashutosh for having their dreams materialize. For being the example everyday by leading and showing everyone what discipline looked like. Not only showing up physically but mentally being aware of what was going on with each student. And giving the space to have everyone become aware of what was occurring for them within themselves. Before attending TTC at Swami Krishnananda Hatha Yoga Shala, I had lots of questions about being a yoga teacher. Deciding to travel from the USA to India to get a real feel for yoga was an indication for what I was seeking. Within the 28 days all the questions got answered without posing any questions. How was that possible I still smile about that? Anyone can structure a curriculum but being able to deliver it and have all the participants come out with an amazing experience is a different story. With all the years of experience put together Sir Ashutosh came to create a beautiful picture. Grateful seems to be small in the take away that was received. Being able to learn and breakdown each asana and pranayama so that it became easily teachable. Becoming fully aware of what the body is capable of and how simply precious and wonderful it is was the eye opener for me. Also being able to teach each other and people from the community created a great deal of confidence. At the end I was able to walk away from TTC being instantly capable to start teaching. Teaching with confidence and awareness of what is occurring for the students. That was what I was seeking. Would refer this experience to each and every person who is interested not only to becoming a yoga teacher but who wants to go deeper into themselves. Looking forward to returning for ATTC”. Namah Shivaye“
“The quality of the course is very high. Dr. Ashutosh Acharya is a competent doctor, yoga practitioners and teachers with a lot of knowledge and experience, and he know to communicate the meaning of yoga and its therapeutic applications, its in the physical and spiritual significance. He really wants the students can understand and know to realize this. The approach to topics is open, rich, deep, and at the same time simple, explained in a simple and plain way for yoga practitioner and novice teacher like me, because i'm not doctor. The program combines the vision of modern science with the vision of yoga and ayurveda in the complexity of all aspect; this helps to understand critically, not passively or dogmatically. In this course, I realized deep and unexpected things about the physiology of asana, pranayama and meditation, also about my personal experience of yoga practice, this motivated me most in to the practice. I feel lucky to find Inteyoga school and this course in anatomy and physiology, after this experience I have decided that I will continue early in the study at Inteyoga school, in the certitude that this will develop in myself the necessary competence to help people without damaging, when I teach them Hatha Yoga. The attitude, motivation of Dr. Ashutosh Acharya is pure, not for money, not for reputation, not for power, with a no ego approach, for sure really earnest and honest want to go beyond the dualistic vision. They teach with a humility, sincerity, patience and are blessing for their students future teachers. Coherent example for develop the same attitude, generous and without selfish; wonderful and necessary at this world because is blessed, sincere, not materialistic and non-sectarian, this attitude really work for the benefit of human beings with a lot of common sense. I felt very ease and happy in Inteyoga school, like a practitioners family, and this was the perfect base to be able to learn in a relaxed way, even though my English is poor. Really I felt helped and understood. Shanti shanti shanty. Thankyou.”
Paola Minelli
”The syllabus (content) delivered and the teacher made sure everyone understood it. Teacher has in depth knowledge in yoga and always associated the anatomical structure with the asanas. The presentation and clarity is of world class quality. Teacher demonstrated his expertise in both anatomy and yoga as well. The number of hours should be double as the subject needs more time to be covered and discussed. Would I attend these classes again? Certainly I would like to attend since this subject is so important in the yoga practice and teacher is a subject expert on both anatomy and yoga asanas.”
“Thank You!! It is so rare to find someone who is living what he is teaching, I really appreciate your authenticity, honesty and strength to admit also your limits, this is the inspiring aspect that attracts me to this Shala. This course in particular could have been more intense. I feel, I did not use my full potential but I am sure you had your reasons for it and as we have to consider every member of the group I understand to take it easy when people who already struggle with sickness are having a hard time. Thank you for forcing me to sing Kirtan. I really had to overcome me to do that. Also, I loved how personal the course has been instead of the relatively big number of participants.“
“Sir, We can learn more from a teacher not by lectures or asana class, but by being with him, by eating, by listening and feel nothing else but joy when the subject turns into another thing, a personal experience, those things really matter. Is hard to find good teachers, but is even harder to find a truly open, transparent and honest person as yourself. I feel now, that the term “Teacher” is just too small, for the kind of feelings I have towards yourself and I thank you a lot for all of what you brought to my life, not only intellectual knowledge, but small things, which are the best, on how to keep our minds clear, on how to take care of our self, but mostly, on how to be a good human being. Your whole self is an inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
”Wonderful class. Good knowledge. Good content. Very engaged when teaching. Sometimes a little hard to understand, can talk a little slower at times would be helpful. I would most definitely take another class if given the chance. Thank you so much for your teachings. I learned so much. Om Namah Sivaya”
Jill Apolzer
“Ashutosh’s lesson is easy to follow. His lessons are well structured and logical. To be improved on more classes on anatomy.Definitely would take more classes.“
“Very interesting. I learnt a lot and I really appreciated the constant reference to yogic postures. We really get to understand the magic of this practice and realize that there is still so much to learn. Thanks”
Thank you for a wonderful few days of lessons. You have wonderful energy and your passion for yoga and teaching shines through. The computer program your demonstrated was vital in my being able to comprehend the body with a clear result. I was happy to have the areas covered in your explanations. I feel that I have a good basic understanding and will have confidence in speaking to a student. A times the dialog was a bit fast but you continuously repeated yourself with precise information. The Sanskrit quotes were nicely added. It would have been great to see them on an overhead or in print in order to follow alone. Many thanks. Om shanti.”
“Great depth of knowledge provided in very informative lectures. It was very stimulating to receive such information, not only from a western perspective but more importantly, from a yogic one. The lectures were very stimulating and straight to the point, with additional information provided later. Due to Dr. Ashutosh’s wealth of knowledge in yoga, it was wonderful to have additional insight to many contradications and advice on certain yogic practices relating to both anatomy and yogic physiology. Would love to attend additional lectures if the opportunity arose. Many thanks.“
Trant Amour Natala
“Dr. Ashutosh I feel so blessed in many years because he brought me here, blessed because you are here, and blessed because I finished the course. Personally this has been a great success for me, no matter the outcome of the final test, and next year here in India I will truly work hard and diligently to manifest what I have learnt from both of you. This is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I hope to attend future courses in the light of your teachings. Thank you so much, I am forever grateful.”
Susie Fitzgerldtl
"Thank you my dream when I was in France was to find a yoga course like yours. Passion, heart n love sharing with full presence. I was hoping to find a donation based course but I thought it may not even exist. You made my dream come true and I believe in what you do because money is filtering perception and like this we can only surrender & be thankful to what you offer. I cannot question your truth & honesty, your commitment because you live yoga in a profound way and that is the biggest teaching for me I commit myself to live on the path of yoga with all my heart & efforts. You were / are the best teachers, friends & inspiration I could have dream off. Pure & authentic … I can only want to walk on your track. Thank you for making this possible. Thank you for your love, patience, kindness, firmness, smiles, glittering eyes, answers, compassion, teachings, living yoga & sharing it, I will follow you from far n close, you are in my heart forever. You are blessed. Thank you."
“I am very happy with the course in general. You have inspired me a lot. Today I can see that everything that has happened was for a purpose, to put our self in front of our Self, face to face, naked. The real test is with ourselves and see if we are aware of it. I think and am sure that you both know your subject Very well. Please keep me posted for the coming courses schedule and keep in touch. I will miss you a lot. Also call me up if you need help in other courses. It will be a pleasure in helping you in any way. Can not stop saying thank you. I am sorry [not] “
“I like all the things here…... the schedule, the food…. everything. After coming here, i have increase in my flexibility, stamina, confidence of conducting a class. When Sir calls me bacche, i remember my Nana. At that time I feel very happy and that there is someone who can fill his space in my life. After coming here my small doubts are cleared. I was able to share all my problems with you like my own family from your side I received too much of love Sir. I am heartily thankful.”
"It was very helpful for me to explain with showing animation and also it was interesting to combine physical functions, movement or work with the words of Hatha Yoga Pradeepika."
Yoshika Shimizu
“I really liked the course, it come really form theheart and was very instructive.Explanations were clear and complete.It was very good to have a doctor really dedicated to yoga. Thanks“
“Thank you It was not enough time to go deeper and very motivating to study more about the effects of yoga to body. The lessons were very intense. Sometimes I had difficulties to understand English terms.”
"Dear Dr. your teaching is profound, it helps us dive deep in the ocean of yog. Hari Om "
“Thank you. The course was very good and intense.“
Paraskevi Douma
“You are awesome. Thank you.”
Alexandre Prats Juan
"Big gratitude to all of you for organising the course, for holding the space so warm and atmosphere so safe, so that we can feel as at house with family. Thank you for sharing your present and light. Thank you! Hari Om.
Olga Natornaya
“New experience, definitely a unique course but did not expect otherwise from the Doctor. Dedication, knowledge and experience. Thank you.“
Nikoletta Kosasvari
“Blessed Blessed Blessed ! Surrender…. Be Here….Awakeness…. Thank you Master. The Divine and everyone that made this course possible. Namah Shivaye ! Hari Om !”
Chele M Mercedes Tedesco